Wildlife Tours in Seward AK

Visitors to Alaska are wise to take advantage of the natural beauty of this great state, and what better way to do this then with tours and guided outdoor activities. In Seward, Alaska, J-Dock Sport fishing and Tours offer daily and long range fishing charters and also provide booking assistance with local tour operators. J-Dock has a wide variety of options available to tourists who are ready to get out and experience all that Seward has to offer.

Among the tours available through J-Dock, is a fjord tour. Fjords are a must-see for any visitor to Alaska, and J-Dock’s tour takes visitors through Kenai Fjords, where almost forty glaciers emerge from the Harding Ice Field. A tour of the Fjords will allow tourists to experience first hand the massive scope of glaciers and hear the sounds of shifting and moving ice. In addition to glaciers, Kenai Fjords also offer a wide array of wildlife both in forests and the icy waters.

A wonderfully simple option offered by J-Dock is their wildlife viewing tours. These tours allow a visitor to enjoy the unparalleled access to Alaska’s native animals and plants. Wildlife viewing tours allow guests magnificent photo opportunities, adaptable trail options, and a chance to learn from knowledgeable guides.

For those visitors looking for a one-of-a-kind Alaskan experience, J-Dock offers access to helicopter glacier tours. These tours can deliver guests to either ice climbing or dog sledding. Helicopters provide the ideal perspective for viewing the grandeur of the glaciers and the surrounding bays of the Seward area. The view from the sky under the care of an experienced pilot allows exploration of the sinews of Alaska’s great glaciers. Perhaps the greatest perk of this tour option is that it also provides access to ice climbing or dog sledding, two true Alaskan activities. Ice climbing can be an exhilarating experience that truly allows a visitor to experience the incredible scope of the glaciers and ice fields. Dog sledding is a good activity for all ages and ability levels, and experiencing one of Alaska’s oldest forms of transportation will be a lifelong and cherished memory.

Horseback riding through J-Dock can offer tourists a way to get close to nature and explore at their own pace. Guided horseback trips can allow visitors to get close attention from a guide with local expertise. A horseback riding experience can be focused on whatever the visitor, whether that is wildlife, scenery, or riding.

The final touring option available through J-Dock is a kayaking tour. This option allows tourists to get as close as is safely possible to all of Seward’s waterside natural attractions. This fun excursion option gives visitors a fully outfitted kayak adventure at the hands of a local boating expert.

The diverse offerings of J-Dock give visitors to Seward, Alaska a great place to find tours and other excursions so that they can get the most out of their Alaskan adventure with experienced guides and breathtaking scenery.