Fish Species

The most common gamefish found in the waters off Seward, AK

Seward, Alaska boasts one of the best fisheries in Alaska with outstanding fishing for several prized sport fish species including halibut, king salmon, silver salmon, rockfish, and lingcod.

Pacific Halibut - One of the biggest thrills of fishing in Seward, Alaska is catching a giant, barn-door halibut. We pride ourselves in our ability to target and land monster halibut every time we hit the water. Most days we catch Pacific halibut over 100 pounds and every season we have landed fish in the 200+ pound range-real monsters! Halibut are bottom feeders and want to stay there, so when you are lucky enough to hook a halibut over 50 pounds you are in for a real fight. Jarring head shakes and runs will leave your muscles exhausted but your spirit exhilarated as you go toe to toe with pure, hard-fighting muscle.

King Salmon - King salmon are another prized sport fish targeted in the waters of Seward. The best place to target king salmon is around the Kenai Peninsula and the Gulf of Alaska. King salmon in the ranges of 20 to 40 pounds are common catches in Seward. Also known as Chinook salmon, king salmon are elusive and not as easy to target as silver salmon, but going to battle with one of these hard-fighting fish- the largest of the salmon species-is a thrill that is not to be forgotten. May and June are the best months for targeting king salmon although some resident kings have been caught throughout the year.

Silver Salmon - Silver salmon feed in great numbers in Resurrection Bay and are one of the most common and highly sought after target species in Seward. Silver salmon, also known as Coho salmon, average in weight between 8-15 pounds and provide plenty of exciting action on light tackle. During the peak of the silver salmon run-from late June through Labor Day-the fishing action unbeatable. Flashing silver bodies are darting and jumping everywhere you look and multiple hookups are common. One day on the waters of Resurrection Bay during the silver salmon run and you will discover why the silver salmon fishing in Seward is legendary..

Lingcod - Lingcod are some of the most aggressive and hard-fighting fish in the waters off Seward, Alaska. Known for their reputation to attack anything that comes in their path, lingcod are often caught while targeting halibut or other bottom feeding species. When you hook up with a lingcod-which is not a true cod but a member of the greenling family-you are in for a real rod-bending, no holds barred, pulse-pounding battle! Lingcod are large and strong, commonly reaching 50 pounds and up to 4 feet in length. Lingcod are protected in Resurrection Bay so fishing for these fun and exciting fish occurs in the waters of the Gulf of Alaska.

Rockfish - There are several species of rockfish found in the waters off Seward. Black rockfish, also called black bass, are a pelagic species while non-pelagic varieties include red snapper or yellow-eye, quillback, and copper rockfish. Rockfish are bottom feeders and are commonly caught while targeting other bottom feeding species such as halibut and lingcod. Rockfish can vary in size from the 3-6 pound black bass to snapper ranging from 10 to 20 pounds. Rockfish are a firm white fish that is highly prized and excellent when fresh.