JDock Port Ashton Over-Nighter

If you're looking for an amazing long range fishing trip and want to stay in an incredible, picturesque lodge, our JDock Port Ashton fishing trips are perfect for you! They offer the long range fishing premium along with the opportunity to stay at one of South Central Alaska's most remote lodges!! Their cabins offer a perfect setting nestled in the heart of some of the best fishing in Alaska. This lodge is located on Evans Island in western Prince William Sound and is positioned on the historic Port Ashton Packing/Canning Company site. It not only offers a cozy, comfortable place to sleep but also offers some of the most pristine scenery you have ever experienced. Port Ashton offers either a full service (they cook for you and provide the food) or self serve option (you bring your own food and cook onsite for your group.) Here is the Port Ashton website: www.portashtonlodge.com

These trips leave around 6:00 in the morning. You will be fishing on some of Seward’s newest and largest fishing vessels that can hold between six to ten anglers.* Once leaving Seward you will travel through majestic Resurrection Bay heading east towards Prince WIlliam Sound. Make sure to bring a camera and catch all of the wildlife including bald eagles, whales, dolphins, mountain goats, puffins, sea otters and more! Once you arrive at your destination, you will be fishing in waters that are very remote and rarely fished. We take you to an area nicknamed 'Jurassic Park' for the monstrous halibut that have been seen and caught there in the past. Not only will you fish for trophy Halibut but also for King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Lingcod (after July 1st), Yellow Eye Rockfish as well as Black Rockfish.

port ashton fishing

These fishing trips also offer quality and quantity fishing opportunities. You are located in areas that again, are rarely fished and you also spend MUCH more time fishing. On a two day Port Ashton trip you spend as much time fishing as you would in 3 day trips and on a three day Port Ashton trip you spend as much as 4 - 4.5 days fishing! We eliminate the travel time back and forth from Seward and invest it in prime fishing time for you to get your ideal catch! And with that kind of time on the water, you will be sure to have an amazing fishing experience as well as fill up those freezers with seafood for the next couple of years!

Once your fishing trip has come to an end and limits have been caught, the captain and crew will lead you back to Seward to hang your trophy Halibut, Lingcod, Salmon and Rockfish. Our employees will help with having pictures taken and afterwards the captain and deckhand will fillet your fish. Our sister company Jdock Sea Food can process your catch; vacuum pack, freeze and schedule shipment home for you. Come and enjoy the pristine views while fishing, comfortable accommodations at Port Ashton and memories that will last a lifetime on this JDock Port Ashton Long Range Trip!


Long Range/ Port Ashton Trip2 days fishing, 1 night at Lodge$1,090/pp*/**
Long Range/ Port Ashton Trip3 days fishing, 2 nights at the Lodge$1,740/pp*/**
*Plus applicable taxes
**Price does not include food but we can accommodate if needed! Please call to hear pricing!