The Crew

Alaska's finest seasoned and professional fisherman

At J Dock Sportfishing we pride ourselves on providing the very best fishing vessels and most experienced and professional captains for our exclusive fishing charters. We have four outstanding captains and three well-equipped, safe, high-quality fishing vessels.

seward fishing captain

Captain Aaron Tompkins

Also known as "Captain Butters," Aaron is from Savannah Georgia and graduated with a Marine Engineering degree and Coast Guard License from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. He received his Captain's license here in Seward and has been a captain for us during the past five years. He has a vast array of knowledge for the tides and fishing trends with a "go get em" attitude and fun personality. He is sure to leave your fishing trip with memories and stories that will last a lifetime!

alaska fishing captain

Captain Gregg Tanji

Captain Gregg was born in Los Angeles and started fishing when he was 3 years old learning very early on exactly what he wanted out of life: to fish and to make money from it. He started as a boat cleaner and helper when he was 16 and worked his way up to a captain when he turned 24. He worked in San Diego for over a decade in the long range industry and while searching for a change of pace, headed north to Alaska to be a charter boat Captain. Gregg has spent a lot of time researching the waters around Seward and honing in on his Alaskan fishing skills making him one of the best captains around!

fishing captain in seward

Captain William Gentry

Captain Will was born and raised in Douglas Wyoming and learned the love of fishing as a young boy travelling up to Alaska to visit his father. After a fishing charter on one such visit he was hired as a deckhand in 1999 and became an employee and huge supporter of the sportfishing industry. From there he has spent every summer in Alaska working his way up to a Captain from the California Maritime Academy and also owning his own Charter Fishing Business. During the offseason he spends every minute wishing the Alaskan fishing season was in full swing again and that he's pulling back to the dock with a load of big halibut and smiling anglers eager to show off their trophy catch!

fishing captain

Captain Quin Bradshaw

Captain Quin is a born and raised Texan who grew up in the Dallas area. He started fishing at a young age at local lakes and offshore on the Texas coast. When reaching 18 years old, he realized he wanted a change of pace and to chase a different species of fish so he came north to Alaska and became a deckhand. Shortly thereafter in 2012, he received his OUPV captain's license and began running charters soon after. Captain Quin’s dedication and hard work keep him determined to come up every summer and continue the “chase” for the best catches and a “chase” for the best fishing experiences our guests can have!

Captain Matt Buii

fishing captain seward

Captain Matt was born in Vietnam and came over to the United States as a war refugee in 1972. He grew up in San Diego California and was also raised with a love for fishing. When his friends woke up to watch cartoons, Matt turned on Bass Masters. He fished many bass tournaments growing up and got into sport fishing at the age of 25 when he received his captain's license. He fished long range out of San Diego for 8 years, short range for 5 years and shortly after headed north to Alaska to learn a different type of fishing. He’s been a captain out of Seward for 3 years and with his strong work ethic, dedication to running the best charter trips and discipline to learn something new every day, Captain Matt is sure to make your Alaskan fishing Adventure one of the best!