Seward Charter Boats

Offering the finest fishing charter fleet in Seward, Alaska

At J Dock Sportfishing we offer a multitude of fishing vessels to accommodate any fishing demand.


El Patron

43' Delta One

Our flagship vessel, El Patron, is a Coast Guard certified 43' Delta One, and is one of the finest charter fishing vessels in the world. El Patron is used for our ultra-limited multi-day fishing adventures as well as for full-day fishing charters. El Patron comfortably sleeps 6 and is more than capable of getting to calm waters in rough weather. We limit trips to 12 passengers although El Patron is rated for 25 passengers, to ensure maximum comfort for our guests.


Sea Venture

33' Hatco Marine

The Sea Venture is a 33' Hatco Marine aluminum pilothouse sportfisher. The Sea Venture is a star certified vessel with a maximum capacity of 6 passengers. We have newly upgraded her with twin 225 hp Honda outboards as of May, 2011. She is fast, safe and comfortable. Sea Venture is used on our full day halibut and combo trips. Sea Venture is used as our half day Salmon/Rockfish trips, Full Day Salmon trips, full day halibut and combo trips and also for our Port Ashton Long Range trips.


Arctic Cat

32' Armstrong Marina

The Arctic Cat is a 32’ Armstrong Marina Catamaran with twin Yamaha 300 Horsepower outboard engines. Most companies with this size a of boat would fish up to 12 anglers, however with our ultra limited load vessel we take up to 6 anglers max giving you plenty of space and lots of legroom! It has its U.S. Coast Guard 5 star Certification and it’s first charter set out summer of 2014. This Armtstrong Catamaran sets the bar for fast speeds in the Pacific northwest, and is one of the fastest boats in Seward! It tops out at 50 mph and cruises at a much faster speed than other charter boats. This means our clients reach the fishing grounds first maximizing quality fishing time and trophy catches. Not only is this boat fast but it’s also comfortable with a large walk around fishing deck, cozy heated cabin, clean restroom and comfortable seating. One last amazing quality about this Armstrong boat is that because it is a catamaran it reduces the risk of motion sickness by 70% from having the double hull. That incorporated with the fact that we have some of the smoothest waters in Alaska ensures that your fishing trip will be as memorable and as comfortable of an experience as possible!

The Arctic Cat runs our full day halibut and combo trips as well as some Port Ashton Long Range trips.

Tail Watcher

40' Armstrong Marine

The Tail Watcher is a 40’ Armstrong Marina Catamaran and has twin Volvo Penta high performance inboard diesel engines. It also has its U.S. Coast Guard 5 Star Certification and it’s first fishing charter set out in May 2014. Most companies with a boat this size would fish at least 20 anglers as it’s certified for up to 25 anglers, however our ultra limited load policy certifies 10-12 anglers max on these trips. This Armstrong Catamaran has a cruising speed of over 30 knots transporting our clients to the fishing grounds sooner to optimize quality fishing. It is also equipped with the CH250 Furuno Side Scan Sonar for locating bait and structure that is proven to produce large catches. The Tail Watcher has an amazing heated cabin with comfortable booth seating, clean restroom, a large walk around fishing deck and outdoor bench seating. This boat also has the double hull which reduces motion sickness by 70% creating a more comfortable trip and experience for our customers!

This boat runs full day halibut and combo trips as well as our Port Ashton and Long Range fishing trips


Coming Spring 2015
Our New Armstrong Catamaran
Details to Come!